Amplicon Sequencing

CCCB offers cost-effective amplicon sequencing services with fast turnaround times to enable researchers to sequence a few or hundreds of PCR amplicons (<10kb) within budget.  This service provides digital resolution for amplicon genotyping and clear indel detection compare to Sanger sequencing.


Service Features:

  • Service includes library preparation

  • Long read length (PE250) on MiSeq

  • Average of 500X coverage (more upon request)

  • Submit 10 ul per amplicon at 2.5ng/ul concentration

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Discount available for large sample volume

Data Delivery Features

  • Secure web-based delivery of fastq files

  • Web-based variant analysis report (optional)

  • SNP and indel vcf files (optional)





Estimate Cost:

    Per Sample Cost
    DFCI/BWH External Corporate
AmpliconSeq (<10kb, 500X) fastq only $32 $36 $43


Please email us at for additional information and customized quote