High Throughput Sequencing

The CCCB Sequencing Facility houses a variety of sequencing platforms and offers a wide variety of customized and standard sequencing applications, including RNASeq, miRNASeq, ChIPSeq, ExomeSeq, and targeted resequencing.

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Training Workshops

The CCCB is proud to provide monthly training workshops on designing RNASeq experiments and Data Wrangling with R.  

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Services Consulting

Operating on a collaborative, fee-for-service basis, the Center offers research and analytical services to add bioinformatics expertise to an investigators' own knowledge of his or her system to accelerate discovery. 

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Organisms use a combination of cis- and trans-acting elements to respond to environmental stimuli by regulating gene and protein expression through networks of interactions between components. The CCCB research focus on the discovery of cellular networks from high dimensional data.

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The mission of the Center for Cancer Computational Biology (CCCB) is to further the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's commitment to advance the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of cancer and related diseases. We aim to do that by providing broad-based support for the analysis and interpretation of 'omic data and in doing so, further basic, clinical, and translational research and to conduct research that opens new ways of understanding human cancer.