Rapid Services

The CCCB offers rapid turn-around sequencing services on selected type of sequencing experiments.  Customers submitting sequencing libraries for a single NextSeq chip will be able to get the result back within a week of library delivery. No additional surcharge is applied.  To request for rapid service:


  1. Submit an email titled "Rapid Service Request" to cccbseq@jimmy.harvard.edu or an iLab Rapid Service request 

  2. Create an iLab project and submit a PO as detailed in Project Request to schedule for a Monday morning delivery

  3. Send an email confirmation on the Friday before the scheduled submission date

  4. Drop off the libraries at the scheduled Monday morning submission time

  5. Receive sequencing results (fastq files) by the end of Friday.


Only a limited number of rapid service run is available for request per week, please submit the request as early as possible. Quality control assessment is performed on all samples prior to sequencing.  Sequencing libraries passing CCCB basic QC assessment will be sequenced without further notification.  In the case where more than one library is identified to be poor quality,  the sequencing run will be automatically suspended and the customer will notified.

Rapid RNASeq Analysis

Rapid sequencing service for human and mouse RNASeq can be combined with the CCCB standard differential gene expression analysis.  Please specify this option within the Rapid Service Request, and the fully analyzed result will be send along with sequencing results.


The Rapid Service is set up as our best effort to serve the community. However, the process remains vulnerable to unforseen machinary failures on the sequencer as well as computing servers such that delays in the process can occur.  In such cases, the CCCB personnel will notify the affected clients immediately after a problem is identified, and the data will be delivered as quickly as possible.